Unique 2-Sided Photography

    The following additional data is required for business cards.


The information entered below along with your

2-sided picture will be used to create a

business card unlike any other.




Enter your name:   Must be the same as used during checkout.

Enter each of the following exactly as you want it to appear on your business cards.

Fields not filled in will be left blank on your business cards.

Choose the information you want on each line.

Suggested information and sample entries are listed for each line.

Line #1:    Descriptive information  (Unique 2-Sided Photography)

Line #2:    Company name  (Both Sides Now!)

Line #3:    Address line 1  (PO Box 372  Sunset Beach, CA 90742)

Line #4:    Address Line 2  (Blank)

Line #5:   Phone #  (Phone: (562) 592-2832)

Line #6:    Fax #  (Fax: (562) 592-0065)

Line #7:    Your name  (Marten Marshall)

Line #8:    Job title  (President)

Line #9:    E-mail address  (photo@marshallhouseinc.com)

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