Unique 2-Sided Photography

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What are "Both Sides Now!" pictures? - A Both Sides Now picture is one 2-sided photograph created from 2 standard photographs. The 2 standard photographs consist of a front and back view of the same subject.  The subject is cut out from the background of the standard photographs, combined into one 3-D like photograph, and printed on a transparent medium.  When viewed from the front Both Sides Now photographs provide a striking picture of the subject on a transparent background.  When viewed from the back they present something totally unexpected and never before seen in a photo - the other half of the person!  For the first time you get the complete picture.  A wonderful gift, keepsake, or conversation piece.

What if I don't have a back side picture? - We can still create a 2-sided picture.  The view from the back side will be a mirror image of the front side.

Do the 2-sided pictures have to be people? - No.  You can have 2-sided pictures of your pet, toy, model, product, or other object.  Any subject can be used for a 2-sided picture as long as the front and back views of the subject when cut out of the front and back pictures have the same silhouettes.  See instructions for 2-sided photos.  If you are unable to get an acceptable back photo you can have a 2-sided picture made from one photograph - in this case the back view will be a mirror image of the front view.

Can I get 2-sided pictures anywhere else? - No.  Both Sides Now! pictures use a patented technique that has never been done before to create these truly unique pictures.

How long will it take to get my picture? - Normally 2-3 weeks.