Unique 2-Sided Photography

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Requirements, Suggestions & Policy


How the 2-Sided Photo is Created

  You take two standard photos, one from the front and one from the back.

  You send us the 2 photos, either through the internet or by mail.

  We digitally cut out the front and back images and create one 2-sided image.

  We print the new 2-sided image on a transparent medium.

  When viewed from the front you see the front of the person.  When viewed from the back, you see what's never been seen before, the other half of the person.

How to take the Photos

  1) Take one photo from the front and a second photo from a spot directly opposite the front photo and approximately the same distance as the front photo.

  2) The 2nd photo can be taken at the same time by a 2nd person with a 2nd camera, or the person taking the 1st photo can move to a spot directly opposite and take the 2nd photo while the subject holds still.

  3) In order for the front and back images to have silhouettes that can be merged into one 2-sided image, the following are not recommended:

     a) One or more people standing in front of one another. (Side by side is better.)

     b) A person sitting down. 

       4) For best results the subject's feet should be pointed directly at the front camera.  The feet should be side by side - one foot should not be placed in front of the other or at an angle.



1) If a person's feet are not side by side and pointed directly at the camera, or one person is standing in front of another, it is difficult to create one 2-sided image that looks natural.  If the lower portions of the front and back images do not match up, the subject will be shown standing or sitting on an oval, as shown here.


2) If the silhouette of the front image is significantly different than the silhouette of the back image, a mirror image of the front will be used for the back.  If you do not want a picture with two front sides, specify this requirement in the "Additional Instructions" form during checkout.

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