To Order Decals

To calculate the number of square inches multiply the maximum width of the decal by the maximum height. 

If more than one decal is purchased, add the number of square inches for each decal and purchase that total number of square inches during checkout.

Specify the number of requested decals as well as the width and height of each decal in "Additional Instructions" during checkout.  

The maximum size of a decal is 11" X 36"

Decals may be applied to transparent surfaces such as glass or plastic.  The surface should be clean and dry.  Decals may be applied to flat or cylindrical (can) shapes  but are difficult to apply to curved (ball) shapes.

Decals are permanent.  They may be washed but should not be scrubbed with an abrasive nor allowed to soak in hot soapy water.  Repeated washing in a dishwasher is not recommended.

Decals are applied by peeling off of a backing material and attaching to the desired surface.  The decals have a strong adhesive surface.  Care needs to be used when applying the decal to assure that the decal goes on straight and flat.  Both Sides Now is not responsible for decals that are applied incorrectly.

If applied incorrectly, even partially, the decals cannot be pulled off and reattached.  If there are air bubbles in the decal after attaching, the air bubbles can be eliminated by puncturing the edge of the bubble with an exacto knife and pressing the air out.

If decals are damaged during application, additional decals of the same picture may be purchased without the $8.75 set up fee.  Specify that this is a re-order in the "Additional Instructions" at checkout and the set up fee will be waived when the credit card is billed.

If the decal is to be displayed where there is strong backlight, such as a window that receives sun light, it is suggested that the back and front images be the same.  Using different back and front images with strong back light will result in one side showing through to the other whenever a bright light shines on one side.