Pen Necklaces

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Scribbler pens use a pressurized refill that writes at any angle, continuously, without skipping!  Even upside down or through grease!  Uses a very special pressurized refill developed by NASA for use by astronauts in space. 

To replace the refill simply unscrew the cone.  Once the cone is fully unscrewed the old refill may be pulled out and the new one pushed in.  Simply screw the cone back on and continue using.

To order refills  online click on "Place Order" above.  To order by mail send  a check or money order for $5.00 for 2 Black ink refills along with a self addressed stamped envelope to: 

           Marshall House, Inc
           PO Box 372
           Sunset Beach, CA 90742-0372


Please allow 2-3 weeks.

Silver, Gold, Multi and Sport pens are  3 1/2"  long on a 30" silver or gold plated chain, suitable for writing while wearing.  For conventional use the pens may be detached!  Simply press the top and rotate clockwise to remove, counterclockwise to re-attach!  The Sport Pens and Sport Key Rings have a convenient pocket clips and may be detached and clipped on a pocket.



Marcasite, Scroll, and Romance pens are 4" long on a 30" non-detachable silver or gold plated chain.  To use the pen, simply pull down.




Spy Glasses are 2 1/4" long on a non-detachable 30" silver plated chain.  The magnifier has 2X precision ground glass.  Perfect for reading menus, programs, maps, etc.