The Poker Code

The Correct Draw For Every Video Poker hand of

Deuces Wild

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A revolutionary new concept!

Now anyone can instantly play perfect video poker!


  •  Nothing to memorize - no complex system to learn or practice.

  •  The perfect draw - every hand, every time.

  •  Simply turn to the page where your hand is listed - the Poker Code gives the correct draw for that hand. 

  •  No more guessing - no more wrong decisions.

  •  Instantly play perfect, flawless video poker.

  •  Every poker hand listed in order with tabs for rapid lookup.



The Poker Code is available at the following locations:
Marshall House, Inc.
PO Box 372
Sunset Beach, CA  90742
(888) 239-5102
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The Gambler's Book Shop
630 South 11th Street
Las Vegas, NV  89101
(702) 382-7555
Gambler's General Store
800 South Main Street
Las Vegas, NV  89101
(800) 322-3447
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