The Progressive Winner

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Everything you need to beat Video Poker Machines!

To beat a video poker machine you have to know:


  •  How to find video poker machines you can beat - They exist in casinos around the country, you just need to know how to recognize them.

  •  Exactly how much progressive jackpots add to the payout - It's hard to find beatable video poker machines unless you know exactly how progressive jackpots affect the payout and how to correctly play them.

  •  What the correct draw is for any hand - You can't consistently beat even the best paying video poker machines unless you play accurately.

  •  Precisely when to change your strategy as progressive jackpots grow - The correct draw for a given hand changes as progressive jackpots change.

  •  How to modify your play to take advantage of Sequential Royal Flush jackpots - Although Sequential Royal Flush jackpots occur only rarely, failure to make the correct draw to take advantage of these opportunities can cost you thousands.

All of this and more is exposed in The Progressive Winner - a 3 " X 7" pocket sized, easy to use, 24 page booklet for just $19.95! 

With this book you will be able to find positive payback video poker machines that you can beat in locations such as Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Laughlin, Reno, and Indian Casinos around the country.

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